FEST’s JavaFX Compiler Maven Plug-in 1.0b2

by Алекс Руис on July 14, 2010

I’m proud to announce the release of FEST’s JavaFX Compiler Maven plug-in 1.0b2!

The plug-in compiles JavaFX source and test files.

This release adds new, useful configuration options. The release was driven by Johannes Schneider‘s work, based on his needs for the JFXtras project. I’d also like to thank Thomas Butter for helping us improve the project.


  • Compiles JavaFX source and test files
  • Does not require JavaFX distribution to be in a Maven repository (according to its license, only Oracle can distribute JavaFX)
  • Does not require to list all JavaFX libraries as dependencies in your pom.xml

You can find an example on how to use it here.

Release Notes

  • Added ‘testSourceDirectory’ option.
  • Magic classpath extension (with JavaFX jars) made optional.
  • Improved error messages for paths.
  • Compiler argument added: -Xlint:unchecked.
  • Skipping compilation for non-java projects (e.g. pom.)
  • Added possibility to “override” Java classes with JavaFX classes.
  • [FEST-369] – Allow setting of ‘memoryMaxSize’. Many thanks to Thomas Butter.

The FEST JavaFX Maven plugin can be obtained from our Maven Repository.


Feedback is always appreciated :)

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