FEST-Swing 1.2a3: GUI Testing Made Easy

by Алекс Руис on September 1, 2009

We are proud to announce the release of FEST-Swing 1.2a3!

FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.

This is the third alpha release planned for version 1.2. This new release includes a good number of bug fixes, new features and improvements. We also improved our test suite: we reorganized our tests and the test suite grew from 2,677 to 3,405 tests! (with 100% success rate, of course!)

Release notes

New Feature

  • [FEST-7] – Expand and collapse JTree node (issue 178.) Thanks to Cephei.
  • [FEST-31] – Overload methods that take String with a version that takes a regular expression pattern (issue 156.) Thanks to Juhos Csaba-Zsolt.

    For example, the following code listing uses a regular expression pattern specified as a String:

                       .requireMessage("Please enter your .*");

    the regular expression pattern can be also specified as a pre-compiled java.util.regex.Pattern:

    Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("Please enter your .*");
  • [FEST-43] – Add selectedRow() to TableCell and TableCellByColumnName (issue 226.) Thanks to Ken Geis.
  • [FEST-47] – Add ‘require’ method for checking client properties (issue 97.) Thanks to Andres Almiray.
  • [FEST-152] – Adding a requireToolTip() method for JComponents. Thanks to Morten Breum Mikkelsen.
  • [FEST-178] – Ability to programmatically click on a JTree node known only by its textual representation. Thanks to Ricky Clarkson.


  • [FEST-122] – Add support for editable JComboBoxes as JTable editors (issue 312.) Thanks to Dario Consoli.


  • [FEST-136] – Modifiers behaviour incorrect for JTableFixture. Thanks to Steve Neal.
  • [FEST-137] – JTextComponentFixture.doubleClick() does not exhibit expected behavior (issue 313.) Thanks to Woody Folsom.
  • [FEST-138] – JTableCellFixture.background() doesn’t work with table decorators. Thanks to Joel Shellman.
  • [FEST-139] – BasicComponentFinder.findByName(String) does not utilize the Settings of the associated Robot. Thanks to Woody Folsom.
  • [FEST-149] – Update EDT-related threading rules in ComponentFixture‘s Javadocs. Thanks to Kwen K. Liu.
  • [FEST-150] – Entering a "-" into a table cell fails on 1.2a2. Thanks to Michael Hüttermann.
  • [FEST-194] – JTableHeaderFixture.clickColumn() may click outside of JTable‘s JViewport. Thanks to Andriy Tsykholyas.
  • [FEST-195] – JTreeFixture doubleClick() method does not click on the node selected. Thanks to Lalitha Chandra.
  • [FEST-196] – Robot#click should not give focus to component. Thanks to Kirill Grouchnikov.

FEST-Swing can be downloaded here (file fest-swing-1.2a3.zip.) FEST requires Java SE 5.0 or later.


Feedback is always appreciated :)


Marcelo Ruiz October 9, 2009 at 11:31 am

Hi Alex!
Thanks for all the information on testing GUIs we can find here.
I am going to give FEST a try (was using Jemmy) and I would like to download the Javadoc of the project cause sometimes I need to work off line and I would also like my IDE to show it while I learn the API.
Could you please tell me if there is any link to download the javadoc? I downloaded the zip file but it is not there.

Alex Ruiz October 9, 2009 at 11:35 am

Hi Marcelo,

That is one of the things I need to do for next release: include Javadocs. For now, can you please send me an e-mail to alex.ruiz.05 at gmail.com? I’ll send you a zip with Javadocs.


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