FEST-Swing 1.2a4: GUI Testing Made Easy

by Алекс Руис on January 19, 2010

I’m proud to announce the release of FEST-Swing 1.2a4!

FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.

This is the fourth and last alpha release planned for version 1.2. This new release includes a good number of bug fixes, new features and improvements. After this release, we’ll have a beta one that will include bug fixes and low-risk improvements only, followed by a release candidate.

Release notes


  • [FEST-98] – Finding Components is unreliable on Linux. Thanks to Mihael Vrbanec, Julia Koep, Martin Ginkel, Martin Bachmann.
  • [FEST-175] – German umlauts not working since upgrade from 1.1->1.2a2. Thanks to Jan Zuchhold.
  • [FEST-207] – FailOnThreadViolationRepaintManager does not work on Java 5. Thanks to Daniel Dyer.
  • [FEST-210] – JSplitPaneDriver does not respect the limitations of the BasicSplitPaneDivider.DragController. Thanks to Martin Ginkel.
  • [FEST-215] – FEST-Swing does not compile, since project configuration claims Java 1.5 compatibility, but source uses classes/methods from Java 1.6 runtime.
  • [FEST-219] – invokeAndWait() in JApplet.init() causes Exception. Thanks to Dominik Wild, Kyle Murphy.
  • [FEST-227] – JTableFixture.cell(String value) expects a regex. Thanks to Uli Schrempp.
  • [FEST-231] – JScrollPane : up & down inverted. Thanks to Florian SIMON.
  • [FEST-232] – Problems with French keyboard. Thanks to Florian SIMON.
  • [FEST-246] – JTreeDriver: drop() fails when root tree not visible. Thanks to Pavol Marko.
  • [FEST-250] – optionPane() fails to find JOptionPane with null parent. Thanks to Stephen Gade Esven, Morten Breum Mikkelsen.
  • [FEST-254] – JComboBoxFixture.requireSelection(String) method with an editable JComboBox does not use cell reader. Thanks to Glen Schrader.
  • [FEST-262] – fest-swing 1.2a3 swinghelper-debug dependency incorrect in pom.xml. Thanks to Luke Nezda.
  • [FEST-274] – ‘requireSelection‘ in JComboBoxDriver should return value of ‘getSelectedItem‘ if selection index is -1 in editable JComboBox.
  • [FEST-280] – JTextComponentFixture obtains text of JTextComponent outside EDT.
  • [FEST-285] – Typo in error message. Thanks to Steve Farrell.


  • [FEST-123] – ItemGroupFixture: separate notion of select/click. Thanks to Jeanette Winzenburg.
  • [FEST-222] – JProgressBar has no Fixture. Thanks to Jacob Qvortrup.
  • [FEST-244] – JListFixture needs a requireRowCount method. Thanks to Harry L.
  • [FEST-248] – Add rightClickPath to JTreeFixture. Thanks to Huib.
  • [FEST-251] – Update FEST-Assert dependency to version 1.2.
  • [FEST-267] – JOptionPaneFixture missing many of ContainerFixture‘s methods. Thanks to Morten Breum Mikkelsen.
  • [FEST-269] – add "requireSelection" in JTableFixture. Thanks to Florian SIMON.

New Feature

  • [FEST-8] – Method on JTreeFixture to return a fixture for a cell (issue 185.)
  • [FEST-43] – Add selectedRow() to TableCell and TableCellByColumnName (issue 226.) Thanks to Ken Geis.
  • [FEST-213] – Add method ‘clickRow(int)‘ to JTreeFixture.
  • [FEST-225] – Referencing a JTableFixture row by its cell contents. Thanks to Morten Breum Mikkelsen.
  • [FEST-249] – fest allows system.exit calls that kill running multiple tests. Thanks to Brandon, Jean-Francois Poilpret.
  • [FEST-266] – Add method "rightClickRow(int)" to JTreeFixture.
  • [FEST-283] – Provide a way to install custom AWT Exception Handlers.
  • [FEST-284] – Call scrollToVisible when clicking on a button. Thanks to Steve Farrell.

FEST-Swing can be downloaded here (file fest-swing-1.2a4.zip.) FEST requires Java SE 5.0 or later.


Feedback is always appreciated :)

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